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50% White Dorper Ewes, the lambs  from these ewes will be 75% as they were bred to a pure bred white Dorper ram.

Why Dorpers

Dorpers are a low maintenance animal.  They can browse poor pastures, have high lambing percentages, are excellent mothers, with the lamb exhibiting a fast growing rate and high weaning weight and never require shearing.  In addition, the Dorper is hardy and can thrive in conditions under which other meat breeds can barely exist.  The Dorper ewe can breed out of season and raise a lamb of reasonable quality under severe conditions.  This hardiness, non selective grazing habits, the fact that it doesn't require shearing and produces an excellent carcass lamb puts the Dorper in a class of its own.

Dorpers have a very early maturing rate.  Ewes can be bred starting at 7 months.  Rams can start breeding at 4 months.  Because they can breed year round lambing intervals can be every 8 months under good pasture conditions with good management.  Three lamb crops in two years can be expected.  This translates into approximately 2.5 lambs per year per ewe.

Black Headed Sheep are called Dorper and unmarked sheep are called White Dorper.  These are two distinct breeds of sheep but are united in one registry.  In the United States, Canada and Mexico, it is the American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society.

The American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society (ADSBS) has an upgrading program whereby 7/8 females and 15/16 males can be registered, providing they meet all of the criteria required.  Buying a registered pure bred or percentage ram is a start toward eventually end up with registered Dorpers.

In addition the Dorper has been very effective in increasing growth rates as well as the quality of all the hair sheep such as the Barbadoes, Katahdin, St.Croix as well as other breeds.  It is important to remember that buyers are looking for quality prime lamb so start with the highest quality animals that you can afford.  

Usually 75 percent Dorper crosses will exhibit the Dorper coloration and confirmation. 

We believe the Dorpers are the sheep that can put  profitability back into farming and ranching in America.